Introduction to Zoom (part 3)

Change the settings

For numerous security reasons, you should change some settings. But it could also be for pedagogical purposes as well. Indeed, once you will absolutely want as a teacher is Breakout rooms.

Breakout rooms

Personal link

This is a feature I have discovered very recently (thanks Marc!). If you go to, you will be able to create a personal link, that is to say an alias. To put it simply, instead of sending a mix of endless letters and digits, simply put your name.

Security settings

To make sure everything’s fine during your lesson, make sure to:

  • Enable waiting room
  • Require a password (and to embed it in an invite link)
  • Enable Only authenticated users can join meetings (that means that participants will have to sign up with their Zoom account which is their G Suite account).

Use both

Using Zoom on your iPad and on your computer can be… incredibly efficient. You will benefit from the two worlds.



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Yann Houry

Yann Houry

Teacher and Director of Academic Research & Innovation @ Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill