I want to be able to easily track students’ progress and I want everything to be in one place. …

What’s an ePub?

That is a fact: teachers love books. But for whatever reason it is, when they have to deliver content to their students, their first choice is a Word document, a PDF or maybe a website such as Google site, not a book. …

So you are teaching from home.

You have everything you need: a desk in a quiet place, a good computer or a tablet, a reliable internet connection. Every student got one. You have a Learning Management System (LMS). Students know how to use it and so forth. So everything’s fine.

Do you find students getting easily distracted during class because of the iPad? Do you think they spend too much time checking their email and that it takes too long to get back to the task? Of course, as they need their iPad, they can’t simply turn it off. …

Wouldn’t it be great if students could find in one place all the information they need: their timetable with the Zoom links? What if, on top of that, they could get a reminder saying: “Hey! You have class in 5 minutes!”

With Google Calendar you can do that. Here’s how.

Do you have an iPad? A stylus? So ditch that marker and start writing on your device with these apps instead of using the physical whiteboard on your class:


Written notes are awesome and colourful but I guess you probably have a limited range of two or…

Apple Classroom is different from Google Classroom. The former is an app that helps you manage student devices; the latter is an LMS (that is to say a Learning Management System). If you are not familiar with Google Classroom, I suggest you read the introduction guides.

To give you an…

The iPad is a hybrid machine. It has a multiplicity of input systems. It adapts to the context you’re using it: you may use your finger(s), you may add a Bluetooth keyboard or you may choose to use a stylus.

There is great flexibility which serves different purposes: browse a…

There are many ways at our disposal to help students figure out how to overcome the difficulties they are facing or to tackle the challenge of understanding new things, to improve what they can do. In every case, the importance of feedback is paramount. …

As as student, the iPad can help you overcome many difficulties and offers you many solutions to help you with your writing or improve your ability to read.

These solutions are classified into three parts: Read, Write & Understand.

Here they are. And they are all free!


1. Use Speak selection

Go to Settings…

Yann Houry

Teacher and Director of Academic Research & Innovation @ Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill

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